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IBS Finance

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Empower Your Financial Future with Integrated Solutions

At the heart of the IBS (Integrated Business Solutions) application lies a comprehensive suite of modules meticulously engineered to envelop and enhance the full spectrum of operational and administrative flows that businesses navigate, including cards management, online payment systems and others.

These distinct modules serve as the pillars of IBS, designed to envelop the entirety of a business’s operational landscape. Each module is purpose-built to address a specific facet of business activities, ensuring that no aspect is left untouched. 

The overarching objective is to facilitate streamlined processes, while also allowing businesses the flexibility to tailor their operations through the creation of internal rules and modules such as core banking.

At the center of the IBS framework lies the IBS Core, a commanding administrative and control application that serves as the cornerstone for orchestrating all the modules it governs.

These modules, meticulously integrated into the IBS ecosystem, collectively deliver a formidable arsenal to tackle the multifaceted landscape of modern businesses.

The range of this administrative and control application includes modules such as:

Financial Institution service offers comprehensive solutions and adaptability for seamless core banking operations. It includes customizable accounting, efficient real-time transactions, customer-centric features, integrated payments, and data-driven compliance, online banking, instant payments  and other banking/ financial modules.

This core banking service optimizes operations, fosters customization, and
enhances customer relationships.

Flexible accounting plan adaptable to banks, financial institutions, and diverse organizations. Tailored for specifics like financial institutions, insurance companies.

Streamlined customer onboarding through online portal, OCR, remote signatures, and cross-selling. Pioneering module since 2014, for any online account (customer enrolment and product selling).

End-to-end card flow from issuance to settlement. Low fraud risk, high security, ISO8583 compliant. Integration with payment processors, chargeback management, and more benefits for a more efficient cards management.

Unified platform for customer access across devices, for seamless online payment systems.

Multi-factor authentication, multi-user support, multi-language availability, single application for all type of customers (companies, individuals, etc).

Offers seamless accepting and processing of electronic payments via SWIFT, SEPA channels, real-time transactions via instant payments for 24/7 funds transfer.

Comprehensive loans and leasing management can also be used as an extension of cards management to offer credit cards. Customizable solutions for varied profiles. Quick simulations, diverse loan types, and disbursement options.

Efficient storage and retrieval of physical and digital documents. Centralized archive, metadata support, OCR capabilities.

Foundation for module flows. Define unlimited flows, actions, and notifications. Automate tasks, facilitate digital experiences.

Online payment systems are leading the business environment, but monitoring cash levels, transfers, and branch operations is just as relevant as ever. It generates essential files and integrates with transport systems.