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IBS Events Management

Boost your event coordination

Making event-hosting a breeze!

The IBS Events Management module is a cloud-based solution tailored for businesses seeking a simple and efficient way to host a wide range of events. This versatile module covers the entire event lifecycle, from participant registration and barcode generation to real-time attendance monitoring, notifications, and post-event reports.

It offers seamless registration and participation confirmation for attendees, along with streamlined badge printing and mobile validation. Additionally, the module supports post-event communication and surveys.

Key Features and Functionalities:

The IBS Events Management software offers a comprehensive suite of features to facilitate event planning and execution:

1. Participant Registration:

Participants can conveniently register for events online

2. Barcode Generation:

The module generates barcodes for participants, enabling

3. Notification System:

Automated notifications are sent to participants at various stages

4. Real-Time Attendance Reporting:

Event organizers can access real-time attendance reports

5. Post-Event Reports:

 Comprehensive post-event reports and statistics provide valuable

6. Mobile Participation Confirmation:

Participants can confirm their participation on arrival

7. Badge Printing:

Badge printers can be utilized for on-site badge printing, either

8. Session Validation:

Mobile phones can be used to validate participants when

9. Post-Event Communication:

 After-event notifications and surveys can be sent to participants


The IBS Events Management software offers numerous benefits for businesses and event organizers:

Efficient Event Management

Streamlined processes, automated notifications, and real-time reporting enhance event management efficiency.

Improved Participant Experience

Online registration, mobile participation confirmation, and hassle-free badge printing contribute to a positive participant experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Access to post-event reports and statistics allows organizers to make data-driven decisions and refine future event strategies.

Enhanced Engagement

Post-event communication and surveys foster ongoing participant engagement and feedback.

Streamlined Check-Ins

Barcode generation and mobile validation simplify participant check-ins, reducing wait times.

Versatile Usage

The module caters to a wide range of event types, making it suitable for various industries and organizations.

Industries That Benefit:

This software for events management is beneficial for industries that host events of different scales and purposes:

Event Management

Event management companies can use the module to streamline their operations and enhance client services.


Corporations can efficiently organize conferences, seminars, and training sessions for employees and clients.


Educational institutions can manage enrolment and attendance for academic and extracurricular events.


Marketing teams can organize promotional events, webinars, and product launches with ease.


Hotels and venues can improve the guest experience by simplifying event logistics.

In summary, the IBS Events Management module empowers businesses and organizations across various industries to efficiently plan, execute, and manage events of all types, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and participants while providing valuable insights for future improvements.